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Log In Frequently Asked Questions
1. What do I do when I receive the error message "Username or password are incorrect, please try again."?
Make sure you have entered the correct username (your email address), you are typing in the correct password, CAPS LOCK is not on and there are no extra spaces in your password. If you are unsure of your password, please click here to recover it.

2. I get a message that says "The browser must be provisioned. An email has been sent to your inbox..." What does that mean?
If you see this message your device needs to be authenticated. This is to ensure that no one else is using your account on another device. To complete the provisioning process go to your email inbox, locate the provisioning email from Renaissance Capital and click on the link. The email is sent to the email address that matches the username you are using to log in with. The link in the provisioning email must be opened with the same internet browser you started the provisioning process with. For example, if you begin the provisioning process using Internet Explorer on your PC, then the email link must be opened with Internet Explorer on your PC to complete the processs successfully. If you click the provisioning link and it automatically opens a different browser, start the provisioning process over again by logging in, receiving the provisioning email, then copy and paste the provisioning link into the browser you just used to log in.

3. What does the error message "This account is active at another device..." mean?
You may be logged in on another computer, smart phone or browser. You can only be logged on to one device at a time. To log in on another computer you must first log out from your current session by clicking on the logout link in the upper right corner or wait 20 minutes for your session to end. Closing your browser does not automatically log you off, you must use the logout link.

4. Why do I periodically have to log in even if I check the "Remember Me" check box?
We periodically require you to log in for security purposes. However, you can set your internet browser to remember your username and password. Please check with your IT department to set this up as we cannot change the security settings of your internet browser.