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About Renaissance Capital

We specialize in helping everyone, from individual investors to the world's largest institutions, to profit from IPOs. For over 30 years, we have been the global leader in IPO research and money management. As a result, our clients are the best of the best, representing the “Who’s Who” of the most active and successful IPO investors worldwide.

Investor’s Business Daily calls us “The 800-pound gorilla in IPO research and investment management.”

Our analysts are renowned for their expertise and ability to spot profitable IPO opportunities. We are regularly quoted in the press, including CNBC, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg TV, The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, Fortune, The Financial Times, and more.

We operate two NYSE-listed IPO ETFs: the U.S. Renaissance IPO ETF (symbol "IPO") and the Renaissance International IPO ETF (symbol "IPOS"). Our ETFs are designed to provide investors access to new and disruptive technologies, achieve unrivaled, large-cap public equity diversification, and the opportunity to invest in new companies before they become household names.

At Renaissance Capital, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their investment goals and are excited to have the opportunity to do so.

Thinking of investing in new companies before they become household names? Our IPO focused ETFs for the U.S. market (NYSE: IPO) and international markets (NYSE: IPOS) help you access companies like these early, while minimizing the risk of single stock selection and adding diversification to your portfolio.
We help the world’s largest and most active institutional investors, investment banks and IPO advisory firms track, analyze and gain actionable insights into the global IPO market. Our IPO Intelligence research platform is the gold standard for independent pre-IPO research.
Everything you need to know about the IPO market in one platform. Access premium features like the IPO pipeline, specific trade dates, IPO profiles, preliminary data screening and valuation metrics to stay ahead of the IPO market.
We license IPO-focused data feeds through an API to financial institutions. We also license our Renaissance Capital IPO Index (IPOUSA) and our Renaissance Capital International IPO Index (IPOXUS).
Access and utilize the leading source of up-to-date news and information on the IPO market. This free site keeps you informed about upcoming IPOs, helps you analyze them, tracks returns and follows IPO market trends.

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